Astronauts can easily get hurt in space. Studies from NASA show that without measures, their bones weaken and they can likely hurt themselves by simply getting out of the spacecraft. For specific injuries to the ankle, I have designed the Pressured Foot. This device will reduce swelling and repair tissue for faster healing by applying pressure. It has a round base and a curved weave that comforts the injury. A slip fit is included on the side of the device to rotate a knob that will increase or decrease pressure. A strap is placed on the front to keep the ankle in place during use. When using the Pressured Foot, the injured foot is strapped into the device. The astronaut should have their heel in the base with the front of the foot hanging out of the device and rotate the knob to adjust the pressure. The Pressured Foot is 100% 3D printable. It is made out of Nylon because it is strong, durable, and great for printing moving parts. Astronauts will benefit from the Pressured Foot.

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