The device is a Respiration Lung Breathing Training device it is used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, hypoxia, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurosis and insomnia as well as it improves your overall health.When exhaling and inhaling against resistance, you strengthen your respiratory system just like when you strengthen your muscles working out in the gym. Slower and less frequent breathing saves your body’s resources and slows down the ageing process.It has a transparent tube with a bottle filled with blue medcine.The tubes are used for you nto breath out of.It main color would be white,it is a new and effective tool to improving overall health and wellness! The respiratory trainer utilizes the concept of resistance breathing. Similar to weight training for other muscle groups.Just 20 minutes a day will improve lung capacity, elevate energy, reduce stress, and oxygenate your body. This will be a great device it will be sure to help all an astronaut health problems forever.

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