My device is a finger splint. This would be very useful on a trip to Mars. One reason is incase something happens on the ride to Mars. While working something could jam or bend your finger the wrong way, causing it to be sprained or broken. Another time is while you’re actually working on Mars. There’s lots of things that we wouldn’t know how to handle since this would be the first trip there. This can cause injuries that the crew wasn’t even aware would happen. The splint is a small device that can help a lot more than people might think. A finger injury might be seen as something small that doesn’t really matter that much, but it can seriously affect your everyday life. It’d be better to print it out then bring it is because on the ride there you’ll need as much room as you can get for food and clothes. After the crew’s eaten the food, there would be room for it. It’s overall just easier to print out things that there’s only a chance of using than wasting room the whole time.

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