My idea was to design a splint that would still allow the finger to be used. However, if the finger must be straight, the rod can fit into the holes on the side of the splint. Astronauts work with of sharp objects and moving parts that can sever or break fingers. A finger can be reattached but it working again is not guaranteed. With this design, the injured digit can be supported by another healthy finger. Both fingers are then able to move. Rings lock together with the holes and pins attached to each ring. The ring in the bottom row is to go in between the first and second knuckle of the injured finger. Rings in the middle row (green) are designed to go in between second and third knuckles of each finger. Rings in the top row (blue) go in between the third knuckle and the fingertip. Rings with holes go on the injured finger with the pined rings on the supporting finger. The design attached uses measurements from the model I was using but the design can be adjusted to fit the patient.

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