Valeri Polyakov set the record for the longest time anyone had stayed in space for. If a person who only spends a year in space, has lost so much muscle mass in this short time, then how will a crew survive the three year long trip it takes only to get to Mars? I gained this idea after seeing an article based on this space struggle Although scientists have tried to find a solution through taking a chemical from your blood and applying it to places in the body, I have found a cheaper, easier, and more enjoyable way to do so. I have named my product the muscle mass stabilizer. It’s an adjustable weight band that can be put on different places on the body. You can put different sized weights on it. I had chose this project after seeing an article on how NASA was trying to find ways to fix the tolls done to the human body from staying in space for too long. It should be made of a strong stretchable material. I believe that with this invention, we can achieve greatness.

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