In space astronauts loses bone density and muscle because they don’t use their body parts that often. As a result of that astronauts need to do daily exercise to prevent the loss of muscle and bone density. The device that I have created is an exercise band that has three rings and they are connected with a rope. The materials needed to make this object are any type of metal for the ring, and a flexible but no really plastic for the rope part. To use this item you would pull the rings from the side directly across from the other ring that you are pulling. Then you would just use it like a normal exercise band. Except with three people each person would use one hand for one ring and pull on it. If they want to exercise another arm then they would just switch the arm they were using. My design is better than the other people’s exercise band because normally only one person can use it at one time, but with this band it can allow one to three people to use it.

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