In space there is microgravity. That means anything will float around, including blood from injuries. My idea is called The Space Splint. It is a multi purpose bandage/splint for your finger and to secure and make sure that the blood does not float around. It will be printed with 2 different materials. The blood will be absorbed by the cotton on the inside of the splint that the astronauts will need to bring with them. The finger will stay in place with the outside being made of thermoplastic. The splint will help heal the finger injury and it will keep the finger in place. “The condition of microgravity comes about whenever an object is in free fall. That is, it falls faster and faster, accelerating with exactly the acceleration due to gravity (1g). As soon as you drop something (like an apple) it is in a state of free fall. The same is true if you throw something; it immediately starts falling towards Earth.”(NASA)

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