Imagine being one of the first people to ever walk on Mars, the excitement is almost overwhelming and fun and a sense of adventure fills you up from head to toe. Whoops, with all of the overwhelming excitement, you fall off of the stairs of the pod and break a finger. Not much could be done unless someone had extra finger splints just laying around on the ship. Well the solution I created is a completely 3D printed finger cast. It consists of two solid pieces to support the fingers along with a ski boot clip securing system. One is the best parts about the cast is that it can be printed out in any kind of material and would still function properly. It is lightweight and durable so the astronauts using it could continue their day-to-day duties. I came up with the idea while I was at school all day and I broke my finger and did not know what to do until I left. I finally saw the 3D printer in my classroom and wished I could just print out an easy splint for myself.

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