On the long journey to Mars, astronauts have to maintain really high health standard. Constantly working their muscles to the max, and always concerned with their health. One thing astronaut always do is test their blood, but in the anti gravity environment the usual method of taking blood, pricking your finger would not work. Blood would go everywhere and it would be unable to capture and test the blood.With the blood taker I have come up with a solution to this problem. When you press down on the handle the point comes down. You just open the hatch and stick the open area on your arm or anywhere you want your blood to be taken then press the handle and remove your arm and close the hatch. Then, you can send your blood straight to be tested. For this I would use Lignin (bioFila) file mate because it is biodegradability. So when the astronauts get to mars they can bury this in the ground. Overall the blood taker will make a big difference for medical stuff on Mars.

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