The device that I’m making is called a Wearable VSW or Vital Signs Watch for short. This watch will be worn in the journey to Mars and back by an astronaut who can monitor their vital signs whenever they want to by simply using the watch. This removes the need of hooking up and carrying around a vital sign monitor. Temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels are the most important signs to watch. The heart rate and temperature can be determined by a scanner under the watch. Oxygen levels can be seen by inserting your finger into a port. Blood pressure can be determined by attaching three wires with lids on the end of it that would be placed near the heart. Like any other watch, it can be adjusted to suit your wrist. The band on the watch would be made out of fluoroelastomer. Overall, the watch saves very crucial time and takes very little space. This could benefit the astronauts in their journey to Mars and back.

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