My project is called the suction cup sippy. My project has 2 compartments. The bigger compartment is able to hold small amounts of food. It comes with a lid just incase the food begins to float. The second compartment is able to hold liquid like water. There is no gravity in space which means that everything will begin to float which is why my product has to suction cups on the side. This would prevent losing a bottle of water or cup. My product is designed just like a sippy cup that would be used for babies but is now a highly advanced tool which can be used for many missions and operations including the military. The food compartment is very small but you still are able to store food. Many food that are on earth are not able to go into space but you can still fit a little bag chips or something like that inside of it.The water component is rather small also but what container of water would prevent you from losing it. The size is perfect for small places and spots.

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