A toothpick is helpful to keep up with personal hygiene. Many people use toothpicks daily, especially after eating. I designed this toothpick like a plastic one that you will buy in stores. Instead of having to bring a three year supply to space, you can just recycle and reuse the plastic. A three year supply might not take up much room when going into space but it’s still extra room. It’s made with a grip so you can grab it while using the thin plastic to get the leftovers out of your teeth. If your teeth get infected it can spread all through your body and using a toothpick could help prevent that. Even if an infection doesn’t get that bad, you’re still in space and you probably won’t have a dentist. Brushing you teeth might not be good enough to keep you mouth healthy while being in space for three years so to make sure you do all that you can. So make sure you are keeping your teeth clean by using your 3D printable toothpicks, recycling, and then reusing them.

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