The Med Arm Storage Kit (MASK) is a tool that allows you to hold different medical tools or other objects that an astronaut may need during their flight. The purpose for this Med Storage Kit is so that if an astronaut injures them self in some way, they are able to quickly patch themselves up. The two halves of the brace are held together by a pin that goes through a hole on that has been placed on each of the brace pieces. The entire Med Storage Kit is made of ABS Plastic so that it is durable and flexible for the trip to and/or from mars. The inside of the brace has two clips that can hold bandages, space blankets, sterile wipes, or Neosporin. There is also one pocket inside it as well that can hold other things that an astronaut may need. The design of the straps for the Med Arm Storage Kit is made so that when an astronaut slides it onto his/her arm, it stays on their arm through the pressure of the straps squeezing against their arm. This design fits all sized astronauts as well.

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