The product that I came up with is called the “Magnetic Emergency Kit”. This emergency kit stores medical supplies which has spots for two syringes, a wrap, bandages, wipes, and tweezers. Underneath the whole kit there will be a large magnet. Covering the top of the kit there will also be a large magnet. Since magnets are attracted to each other, the magnetic force between them will keep the medical supplies from floating away. They magnet on top acts as a lid for the medical supplies. If the magnets were not on the kit, it would be useless and the astronauts would get annoyed because they have to fly around trying to get all the pieces back together. The tools would float away. This also help the astronauts in space because the spacecraft is mostly made of metal and all they have to do is stick it towards the aircraft. This product can be very helpful to the other astronauts on the spacecraft. The Magnetic Emergency Kit could also help the astronauts anywhere in the universe.

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