In the Mars journey, astronauts will experience three gravity fields. The transitions from each field will affect you in many ways. Fluids in your body will travel up to your head, putting pressure on your eyes, and causing headaches. Relief stubs have a rubber spherical end. Attached to these ends are plastic hexagonal grips. These help you effectively massage your temples, the spots where your eyebrows and end of nose meet, and the region below your eyes. Just either use a circular motion or a press on the desired area. Doing this relaxes eye muscles, relieves eye pressure, and eases headaches. Massaging certain areas of your neck and shoulders can help blood circulation to your head, and reduce the severity of the headache. On the other end of the tool are vinyl packets that can be filled with warm or cold water. Applying these packs to your forehead and eyes will also help with your discomfort. These are essential to a comfortable Mars mission journey.

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