My design is a nail clipping box. When you clip your nails in space, you have to hang over a vent that sucks in air, and by the end of the week or so they vacuum it. My design is made to make nail clipping a bit easier in space. You insert your finger in the circle hole and insert the nail clippers in the square hole. When you’re done clipping your nails, you can then close the hatch using the dividers. By the end of the week or so, you can probably take a suction pipe or vacuum and probably stick it in the finger part of the box and get all the clippings out. My nail clipping box contains around 4 pieces to it. Two of the pieces are the dividers, and they’re thin, but not too thin. The other two is the box which holds the nail clippings and the lid. The lid has a lock, so the lid won’t fly away. My design is best made out of recycled bottles or any clear plastic recyclables is fine. The two extra items were a glitch, they can’t be used.

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