I made microscope slides. They will be very useful on this trip. When we go to mars we are going to find many new and interesting objects that need to be observed very carefully. Anything they find on the planet will be good research. By looking at these objects closer up many findings can be unlocked. You can possibly see forms of mites or bacterias. Maybe life on another planet can even be proved. They are going to need many slides while on this trip. So, instead of bringing all the slides, which can possibly be thousands, why not print them as needed. This way space will be saved while on board the ship they are going to need all the space they can get. The microscope slide’s dimensions are 75mm by 25mm and 1 mm Of course the slides are transparent and will be printed with transparent PLA. My microscope slides aren't the average ones. They also have a lid on them. The lid is very thin but is still needed considering the gravity on mars is lower than on earth.

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