This device, though a small luxury on the mass mission, can be of great importance in the long run. When on a trip to mars, hygiene tends to be deemed less important than other things. For this reason, most astronauts who forget to catch up or sustain their dental hygiene my loose teeth, or get many cavities. This is why I made a simple 3D design for a dental pick, scaler, and explorer. These can be printed rather quickly and of any sturdy material. Since dentists recommend you replace toothbrushes every three months, you should also replace your tools every once and awhile, and with my design, it is easy and way more logical than lugging around many sets of the same tool onto the ship. These tools have a very comfortable handle are very easily used. The pick is on a separate handle, therefore being the only thing on the tool, while the scaler and explorer are put on one single toolbar, making it easy to use one and then switch to the other. These tools should easily get rid of plaque.

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