The design being submitted has multiple purposes. From the microgravity on the spacecraft to the dust storms and abundant radiation on Mars, this mask aids in protecting astronauts from everyday space elements. The strips on the nose are made of a low melting polymer called CoolMorph that can be dipped in hot water to mold tightly around the nose. This polymer hardens into a transparent solid, which will allow astronauts to see. Similar to snoring strips, these nose features decrease the congestion felt in the microgravity environment. The eye extrusions protect delicate eyes from radiation and dust storms, while the nose guard on the bottom protects sinuses. The strap on the top of the mask fits tightly around the astronauts’ head to decrease swelling that is caused by microgravity. Built to suit astronauts on both the spacecraft and on Mars. This device can help cancer prevention and annoying congestion.

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