950-1000 Character Description The device I made is a scalpel. This device would be used to make a quick incision to human skin to get out things like rocks or unidentified poisonous objects which you need to get out you have the scalpel, and you make two incisions and take it out. My device will have surgical uses if one of the crew members needs surgery. Since I know there will be a surgically trained member on the trip if there is a medical problem that is bad and getting worse needing surgery this device will be suitable for surgery. Also it could be used for different things since the blade is so sharp with the thickness of below 1 inch it will glide through most things.with the dimensions of 1/2in by 5in. So it is small and versatile it would be very handy to have around it would also make surgery and other things very easy. with food. Made of stainless steel

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