Bone loss begins in the first few days in space for the astronauts. The percentage of having bone loss in space is “2.7 percent in the inner bones, and in outer bones 1.6 or 1.7 percent each month in space”. To prevent bone loss in space astronauts need to exercise two and a half hours a day, six times a week fifteen hours a week. According to NASA, “There is increased bone resorption and no change in or possibly decreased bone formation, leading to bone mass loss.” The model is going to be made out of a tight rubber because the tightness of the rubber will shape your bone in the right formation for healing. The idea that I thought of is a portable cast, this will help an astronaut because it can sometimes take long periods of time to put on an actual cast on by yourself, so I thought that making a cast that you can just slip on and off would be helpful in space.

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