I created a hand pump CPR mask. The mask pumps air to the lungs, in case someone passes out,or stops breathing. It is made out of silicone and screen mesh.To use it,you simply place it over the receptance mouth and pump the air through their lungs. Make sure the pump is connected, and sealed tightly, to ensure that as much air possible is sent through the body. On the right side near the end of the mask is a hole.You will loop string through this hole,that way it can be adjusted to the astronauts head. This tool is used for first aid on earth, and being made out of silicone, can be stored easily. In between the mouth piece and pump is are two pieces of mesh.This mesh is to help prevent any regurgitated substances from entering the pump,for easier clean up.It also helps to block out any particles in the pump, so they do not enter the lungs,interfering with any process taking place.This tool is easy to use on earth,and with proper training,easily be used on space, saving a life.

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