Radiation is abundant throughout space. These 100% 3D printable glasses can help protect the eye. Research shows that radiation on Mars can result in eye cancers and a disease known as “space brain.” These glasses are specifically designed to prevent this. The glasses are put on using a rod in the back which opens and closes using the gray magnetic closure on the side. The lenses are made of lead glass. The lenses circle around the eye keeping radiation from going in through the top or bottom. The sides are made of lead which is effective when protecting against radiation. The rod on the back of the glasses is made of metal since the skull provides ample protection. When x-rays are taken, radiation levels increase so these glasses will definitely be needed by the astronauts. These glasses may need to be modified a little to fit different head sizes and shapes, but the effects will be the same. A benefit of 3D printing the glasses is the glasses can be recreated if they are broken.

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