In space, life is very different. There is zero gravity so you'll make some mistakes or injuries. My recreation of a scalpel could change life in space. The scalpel is a Very small tool used to cut through skin and insert needed objects into your body. Scalpels are usually made out of steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, titanium, or even obsidian. My recreation might not be as good as an actual scalpel, but it will do the job. A scenario where you might need a scalpel is if you break your leg, and you need to insert a piece of metal into your leg. That scalpel that I created will help so much because you get weaker in space, and if you use the scalpel it will cut through the skin easily. If you were to leave a broken leg untreated There would be an infection in the bone marrow. The scalpel is usually only used for surgeries, but it's very useful, especially in space. The scalpel may just seem like a knife to some people, but it's really a very important surgical tool.

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