Since oxygen is only in traces in space, amounts of it are used in a shuttle, but this sometimes will not suffice. My device, an incentive spirometer will regulate breathing at any time, and will give reliable results. The device has a clear plastic tube with a dense aluminum ball in it. The astronaut will blow air from their lungs into the tube and will try to raise the ball to the line. Also, a small sphere near the end handle will show how strong the flow is, by spinning an arrow. A connector will show information and instructions near the tube. This device is also used by patients after surgery to prevent respiratory illnesses. In space, this can be used to prevent colds and pneumonia so astronauts can collect scientific data! My incentive spirometer is very lightweight and compact, so traveling is a breeze through the stratosphere. This gadget will be a great use for the astronauts trip to the giant red planet to help them get through their endeavor.

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