The Pocket Mask Resuscitator can save an astronaut’s life in an emergency. From research in space, blood does not flow to the brain normally and can cause many symptoms like dizziness, nausea, use of more oxygen, and fainting. In an emergency that an astronaut loses consciousness from hitting the head or disruption of blood flow, the Pocket Mask Resuscitator will pump in air from a pressurized oxygen tank, which should be in supply. The Mask is a transparent, compact, and reusable mask that is about 3 by 5 inches big in size. The Mask also has a small valve in the middle to insert the oxygen tank nozzle. Materials that will make the resuscitator are transparent ABS plastic and silicone rubber to form the blue lining of the mask, which helps give the mask a firm grip when placed on the face. With firm grip, air won’t escape as much over an extended period of time. Astronauts when unconscious, can use the Pocket Mask Resuscitator on each other, which is easy to use for saving a life.

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