It is a scalpel and can be easily used for surgeries in space or medical emergencies. It is small enough to be printed and can easily be used. It is 5 inches. It can be made of plastic and steel. It can be recycled into something else when you have finished using it. Even though it is small it can be used easily. It can be used anywhere from small surgeries to large ones. Easily it can be used by anyone in the space ship. It’s that easy to use! It can only be printed in the one size though. Even with no medical experience it can be used as simple as ever! It is easy to print because it is small, yet used for so many things! It could even possibly be used in space or in the shuttle. It could even be easily printed in less than one hour! It’s that simple! It even has a indent in it for a better grip on the scalpel. This scalpel will be easily used, so this should be in space and help all the future astronauts and scientists in mars!

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