In the Helping Pal Kit, there will be numerous medical supplies to aid the astronauts on their 3 year journey to Mars.There will be ear plugs inside the Helping Pal Kit.The ear plugs will have two uses.The first one will be to protect their sensitive ears from how loud the launch will be.The second reason is to help them sleep better at night, if they have a hard time falling asleep.Another item in the Helping Pal Kit is chinese cups.Chinese cups can help relieve back pain, or muscle pain for the astronauts.This will work by sucking on your skin, which causing rising of your skin while your blood vessels redden up.There will also be bottled water in the kit, as well as a few casts.The casts will help to heal any fractured or broken bone on their limbs including their toes, feet, ankles, legs, hands, forearms, and fingers.The final item in the kit would be a reflex hammer to test their reflexes up in space.

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