My comb multi-tool serves several purposes. With two differently shaped blades, a wrench and a comb, it’s nearly impossible for this tool to become worthless, as there are endless uses. My hope is this tool can provide two ways to cut a precise line in a surgery or other medical procedures, a way to shave, and a way to check for lice or a way to groom an astronaut’s hair. The wrench can be used to repair other medical tools that may need repairing. To top things off, this tool comes with covers for the blades as well as a sharpener to keep things looking on point. Anything green in my display is rubber and gray is stainless steel. Over 48 million surgeries were performed in the United States in 2009 and poor hair was found to be connected to poor health (, Stanford Health Care). With all possible health issues that could pop up while on Mars, a surgery is bound to be performed at some point during the three years Mars is inhabited.

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