In space, it is not like Earth, the human body isn’t used to this new aura. Human’s bones become more spongy and their muscles begin to loose tissue. Since this event occurs, astronauts need to exercise 2 hours a day every day in space. Astronauts are launching a three year mission to go to mars, and if they don’t exercise they will not make it, so I designed a 3D printable exercise band that they can use to exercise for two hours each day. The handle is about five inches long, which is about the normal size for an adult male hand. There is a relatively long rope that connects the two handles. The rope that connects the two bands is made from 3D printable flexible plastic, also known as polyamide. The two handles will be made from stainless steel or titanium. My device will be used for the astronauts daily two hour exercise. The astronauts need my device so that they can stay healthy. This device is very easy to use so I think it will be very helpful on the 3 year trip to Mars.

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