In microgravity salivary glands don't produce as much saliva making astronauts more susceptible to cavities and gum diseases.My kit includes two grippy handles and four head pieces that can be interchangeably used with them.The head pieces include single and double- sided mouth mirrors, probe and a scaler tip.The mirrors aid in direct & indirect vision,enhanced visibility, illumination of the teeth and oral tissues.The probe helps detect carious lesions and scaler for plaque removal. My modified design is hexagonal in cross-section and slightly bigger than the original. Also,the thumb can slide through the ring for better control and stability when using the modified pen grasp.The hexagonal hole in the handle and hexagonal shank in head achieves snug fit.The handle can be printed in Polyjet photopolymer, head pieces using Direct Metal Laser Sintering(DMLS) and mirrors given 3D aluminum surface finish. This design concept can be used for many other surgical tips.

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