Reflex Hammer Outwards in the reaches of space, exploration is inevitable. However, this exploration can be halted and stopped by a multitude of nuisances. One of these complications that needs to be concerned is one’s good will and health, both mental and physical. On Earth, this matter is pressing. When in the investigation of the endless abyss that is our universe, we must treat ourselves with the same precautions. One way that we can keep our health in a quintessential state of being is a simple well-being check. Every year, we have a checkup. We should do the same in space. To perform these checkups, we use many instruments, one of which would normally include a reflex hammer. Reflex hammers are used by practitioners to test the deep tendon reflexes. The use of this device could be crucial to the research of the effects of space on our bodies. It is almost identical to any other reflex hammer. Should our reflexes be impaired due to space, we will know if it will.

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