MUBOTS is a robot that is a Multi Usable Box Of Tools Suit that will help you through all of the red dessert ruins. It will help you out a whole lot because it is made of the lightest metal called Microlattice, and since it's so light it will feel like you are made of styrofoam the metal is 100 time lighter than styrofoam. MUBOTS is also good because it is a walking tool case and it will take a lot of minerals you would like to keep and keep it inside a compartment chamber inside the MUBOTS so it will be very safe and the endurance of the metal is stronger than quartz so it will be safe plus the chamber will have three layers of of Microlattice so if the bot does break than you will have all your minerals perfectly safe and your equipment will be right on the robot plus it even has voice control so if you say,"MUBOTS follow me," then it will follow you because it has heat sensors so no worries on MUBOTS getting lost plus you will be perfectly safe inside MUBOTS.

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