The Medical Rover is a basically a first aid kit that travels with you. The Medical Rover is a vibrant red steel box on 1 wheel with a first aid symbol, so you are able to spot it on the brownist-red surface of Mars .The Medical Rover is for Astronauts that go to explore the depths of planets. The Medical Rover may contain any medical equipment such as: an extra Constant Wear Garment Harness Plug, Electrode Bag, Electrode Attachment Assembly, Micropore Disc, Sternal Harness, backup Harness, Electrode Paste, Oral Thermometer, Assembly Roll-On Cuffs and much more. Also in the Medical Rover it was have contain space food that will last up to 5 earth days, just incase you don't return back to the spaceship. The Medical Rover may look small but seems to be very roomy inside. I grantee the Medical Rover is going be a safe astronautic medical device for astronauts soon to travel space and other planets.

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