Months of exposure to microgravity cause severe atrophy in astronauts, causing them to lose 15-20% of their muscle and bone mass in a period of 5 to 11 days and up 50% on long duration missions. Lots of different sized ligaments connect the bones together for stability, along with various muscles from the big calf to the small muscles that move our toes. There is no specific device than can be used for toe exercise at the ISS. The usage and purpose of this toe exercise device is to essentially combat atrophy for astronauts. A preliminary version of the design, created using solid modeling software, has been 3D printed using flexible filament within a 6 in x 6 in x 6 in printer volume. The flexible filament is made from thermoplastic polyurethane material and results in a uniquely flexible and durable print. The leg cuff adjusts based on an astronaut’s custom leg circumference and the connector between the leg and the toe stretches and shrinks based on the amount of force applied.

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