A lack of gravity causes the heart muscle to deteriorate, causing major health problems. Since Mars has 38% of Earth’s gravity, this could become an issue for astronauts on their mission, hence the Blood Pressure Tabs’ creation. The device is made of PLA plastic tabs and an attached metal wire. The wire is made to connect to a small screen that’ll show one’s blood pressure once it’s read. By placing the tabs on your pulse for a minute, the device is able to detect your blood pressure. Astronauts can determine whether they are suffering from any heart muscle deterioration by the calculated blood pressure. My design’s 3D printable aspects are the pads and wire. The screen would be given to astronauts before launch. Another element to it is the lack of waste. Astronauts would only need about five pads to last for their whole mission. I engineered a device that would measure what is going on within one’s body without becoming unsanitary when used among multiple people.

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