This device is a hand-grip strengthener. It uses two black cylinders with three springs in the middle. The springs are made out of stainless steel, and the cylinders are made out of plastic. The cylinders aren’t made out of metal because plastic would feel more comfortable on your hands. This is a medical device because it helps to keep your muscles strong. Astronauts suffer from loss of muscle mass when they are in space. To prevent muscle loss and prepare for returning to Earth, astronauts need to workout while in space. The text “Life Without Gravity” states, “To prevent their muscles and bones from becoming too weak for life on Earth, astronauts have to follow a boring two-hour exercise routine every single day,” (Zimmerman, paragraph 16). This gadget is a workout device because it helps build up muscles in their hands. To use this device, you need to repeatedly squeeze the two cylinders together with one hand, and then do the same number of repetitions with the other hand.

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