My invention MobileAir is a worst case scenario item. If someway the ship gets hit by an asteroid and the air filters are damaged they can use this to save their lives. It is an inhaler sized air filter made out of plastic and will come in a lightweight storage container that is made from plastic. The only thing that is close to my invention is the gas mask. This would not be as convenient as my invention because it would weigh a lot more. Also, in the long run of the trip to Mars weight is everything. But, this cannot be reused or recycled. This device relies on current technologies and that is a good thing so I can start planning now to perfect my product. My product’s material is durable so it will not wear down. It will be an easy assemble in space. Finally, it will come with extra filters that are in case one filter gets clogged or damaged. In conclusion, my product would be very useful to the trip to Mars because it could be life-saving and it is very lightweight.

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