My device is called the Water Heating device. This device is made up of a box to contain the liquid and to tube to inhale the liquid on opposite ends. Research shows that in space water is solid, and that is a choking hazard. The reason this happens is because of the lack of heat in the atmosphere. This machine is design to heat water and make it drinkable again.The materials used to build it are maraging steel, and a Cement-Matrix composite. The machine itself is made out of the maraging steel, and the inside is lined with the Cement-Matrix composite. What happens is that the water will enter the fi rst cylinder in solid form. Once in the box, it will be heated by the cement-matrix composite. It is to be drank directly from the opposite end, so that the water won’t be exposed to the less pressured environment. This will require caps on each end so that the water can’t escape. The water can be stored in there for as long as needed, and once filled, it can be used as a water bottle.

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