It takes 3 years to get to Mars and bones in the human body get weak, lose minerals, and density due to microgravity. A NASA website stated: “ NASA has learned that without gravity working on your body, your bones lose minerals, with density dropping at over 1% per month.” Even when astronauts just touch a table all the bones in the hand can break which is a problem for the astronauts because they need to use their hands in space.When astronauts break or sprain a hand something needs to be put around the hand so it can get better. My design is a brace for the hand. This brace works for all different hand sizes because the strap around the wrist is made out of nylon so astronauts can adjust it to any size. The rest of the brace is made out of a silicon and copper powder which get melted together in the process of the making of the brace.

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