A healthy lifestyle begins with nutritious fuel for your body. In space, your body finds this more imperative as it's exposed to unearthly challenges like microgravity. But how can you even mechanically digest your food if your teeth are plaque stricken and riddled with cavities? The answer is my 3D design; a dental scaler, used to remove the plaque that builds up on teeth. The curved hook is specially designed to scrape off bacteria. As more plaque comes off your teeth, the cylindrical design will move the bacteria down its curved edge for easier cleanup later. The middle of the tool is ergonomically rounded for a comfortable hand hold. Ideally, this would be made out of a light metal alloy, possibly containing lithium. However, dense, recycled plastic would also allow the scaler to serve its purpose. As you can see, this dental scaler will be able to advance the health of astronauts and prevent dental diseases with its well thought out design and everyday applications.

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