These nail clippers work the same way as any other clippers. When the lever is pressed down it forces the two blades together cutting the nail. There are buckets on each edge of the clippers that come together when the lever is pressed, but the clippers are still able to cut. These buckets trap the clippings and hold them for an easy clean up after the astronaut is done using them. The best part of these clippers is that the nails that would have flown around the ship can be harvested and used as a compost. On mars these nails can be used as a compost in gardens. The plants will absorb the nutrients from the nails, causing them to grow larger and more plentiful. In Mars' harsh environment the plants will all the help they need to grow and the extra nutrients from the nails can only help. Not only will these clippers keep the astronauts nails nice and clipped they will also help create gardens improving life for the astronauts on mars.

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