I made a machine called the Back Simulator. This machine is going to be part of the non-emergency category. The invention will lower the back pain astronauts will have in space. The size of the machines will be about two by two by four.The machines will fit in a custom vest made for them to click into. There will be about 4 machines that fit in the vest that go up and down your back. Most of the machine will be made out of plastic. The part that goes on your back will be made out of foam so it is comfortable. It will weigh about 1 to 2 pounds. They will need to be cleaned after every use just to keep bacteria transmission down It will need some assembly all you will have to do is put the electronic parts in the “shell” and plug the wires in. The back simulator will only have one purpose; to help with back pain. In worst case scenario you could use the batter to keep something running, you could burn the foam, also could reuse the plastic in the 3D printer if needed.

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