My device will help on the Mars Medical Program for the astronauts going to the planet, Mars. My device would separate the medicines and other items from other astronauts. It is called the “Go To” because you go to it when you need something. The object is almost six inches wide and length. Inside of it is an empty space u put things in. It is a white box with a flat lid at the top with another square object coming down from it so it could close. Also, there’s a red cross at the top of the lid. It is made out of plastic. The purpose is for astronauts to have their own medicine box. Instead of having a big suitcase full of stuff, you have your own mini kit to use. In 2013, it was the first aid kit’s 125 birthday which shows that it has been 128 years of usage. This is very important especially for the trip because astronauts need to go in it to take their medicine they have to take or get other items from it that they’ll need depending on the situation.

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