This kit, printed in semi-flexible rubber, includes many tools for small injuries. The ball pad could be heated or cooled to soothe burns, sore muscles, and bruises. It can cover a sore to prevent further injury and can protect from harmful gases. Combined with a wet cloth it creates a makeshift filter to protect from harmful gases on Mars and the journey. The forceps are snapped together to remove a splinter, possibly bacterial. Also, they can be used to study unknown rocks. The two nose supporters are used with the tweezers to squeeze the nose and stop a nosebleed, dangerous in micro-gravity because the blood can float into the air. Another danger in space is bone weakening which can be helped by being splinted with the tubes, also able to store liquids or medication. The hole-topped cone is fitted into the specialty tube cap and a needle can be added to make a syringe. Vaccination is important on Mars. The other cap is interchangeable. All of these protect against dangers in space.

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