My device is a technical nurse. The nurse will be able to help you with medical issues. You’ll be able to ask it medical questions and it will provide you with an answer, and if needed a walk-through. For instance, if you receive a cut and can’t tend to it properly you can ask the technical nurse for advice and it will tell you what you need and how to tend to it. It will also have a drawer to hold small, simple medical items for convenient storage and use. Being equipped with common supplies will help astronauts tend to themselves faster. The shell of the technical nurse will be made of plastic, and using technology close to that of a Raspberry Pi it will be programmed with medical information. The nurse will tell you the simplest and fastest way to clean and tend to injuries. This will make it easier for astronauts to fix their wounds and get back to work faster. The technical nurse will definitely be an improvement for the mission to mars.

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