An otoscope is used to check ears and see if you have an ear infection. This can be useful in space because in the article it said that astronauts need their health to be strong. That means every part of the needs to be healthy ear infections might not be a big deal but is an important part of your health especially for astronauts. Also you don’t want to get a disease while you are in space because that can be very dangerous. An otoscope can also be used do see in your eyes. This can also help with your health because the article says bones lose minerals when you come back to Earth. Well, your eyes are the strongest bones(or muscles) in your body so you have to keep them healthy you can do that by using an otoscope. The otoscope that was designed needs to be 3D printed in mental there is also a cap that has to be 3D printed in metal. You put the cap on the bottom to hold the batteries.. The otoscope also will need some electronics to make the light power up.(provide light)

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