My design for the Mars Medical Challenge is a scalpel. A scalpel is a sharp bladed instrument used for surgery and various arts and crafts. The scalpel I designed can be made out of tempered steel, stainless steel, or high carbon steel. There are two parts to the scalpel, the blade and the handle. There are two handles, one that connects to the blade, or the one I’ve added on. The handle is reusable and the blade can be replaced. Niobium is the safest steel to use for people that have metal allergies. I believe my device will be useful on a Mars Mission because emergencies could occur, and surgery may be necessary, and the scalpel can be used to help open or close a wound. The scalpel has more than one use. You could push something open with the scalpel or carve if you needed to. Having the handle on the scalpel reduces the chance of injury from the blade, even so, whoever uses the scalpel must still be careful. That is why the scalpel would be useful on a trip to Mars.

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