My idea is simple, it is collapsible bag valve mask that can be used for suction or blowing, Such as if a surgery must be done away from the Habitat. Or if fluids need to be sucked up for the purpose of sterility. It is a sterile silicon-like material, that is bendable, for the bag, and the ends will be a tougher plastic or metal. This can be used as a iv bag, with enough thought. As a bonus it can be reused as long as it is sterilized after use. This will be Stored in a sterile environment, with little to no space being taken up. And, if this is sterilized after use, it the bag can be melted down, for use for another thing to be printed. As a plus, it can be reused, for further use. It will be needed to be used in emergency situations, that surgery, or resuscitation are needed, to get air into a patient, or blood, or other fluids out. And with it’s simple to assemble 2-3 pieces, it’s perfect for emergencies.

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