The Drug Delivery Device is a tool that can deliver injectable intramuscular drugs (e.g. epinephrine) effortlessly and also allow it to be self-administered by an astronaut if necessary. There are 3 steps to using it: (1) through the needle, draw up the drug into the vial with the piece labeled “1” and lock it in place by rotating it to the side. (2) load the spring by pulling both bars labeled “2” into the slots at the end. (3) when the drug needs to be administered, press the device against your leg or arm and release the bars from the slots. This will release the spring and simultaneously push the needle into the body and inject the medication. The device is also a piece of art that reminds astronauts of nature (there are patterns of trees, flowers, and butterflies on the container). The device and the container should be printed out of plastic, and the needle should be printed from stainless steel. It is designed for both the microgravity trip and the one-third gravity of Mars.

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